8 Chits

by David and Kevin

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Our first album, themed around pseudo-8Bit music!


released August 5, 2011

Written and produced by David and Kevin



all rights reserved


David and Kevin Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Intergames

Internet; surfing on the web
I’m looking for my friend
My virtual companion
Searching for my
Avatar; my identity
I’m downloading to you
I’m finding out the truth
While streaming on the-

Videogames; launcher to a world
where dreams and love collide
Our story never truer
or newer than the-
EXP; earned throughout our days
while journeying afar
Spending gold on armour
and swords and stuff and-
Track Name: My Cell Phone
My Cell Phone

Calling my friends
Texting my mom
She isn’t home
That’s why I called
Landlines are dead
Useful no more
Cell phones connect
Heroes and whores

Radio waves
Transmit our voice
To whom we speak
We have the choice
Dial me in
Answer my call
Hang up the phone
I’m at the mall
Prank call my boss
While I’m at work
Follow his laws
He’s such a jerk
Piss people off
Taking some pics
Call up some girls
Asking for tits

My cell phone

Party for days
Hot chicks and babes
Dial up your friends
Fun never ends
Track Name: Toi Story
Everybody wants to have me
But I'm tearing at the seams
I'm the last remaining copy
Toy stores have run out of me

$19.95 Plus shipping
That's my price on Amazon
But if you go check on Ebay
$19.95's long gone

You'll do some bidding
And probably lose
You wish you'd done your shopping sooner
And now your're sorry
You're missing out
On everybody's favorite robit toy

I'm starting to believe
That every part of me
Was designed for
Some lonely child to love
Whenever their alone
And parent's aren't at home
I can be the one
Who will show them some love

Retailers have been complaining
Discontinued for the trade
Finally someone out there bought me
One less lonely girl's been made

And now shell love me
And I'll love her
And we'll be bestest friends forever
No one will take me away from her
Because she'll always be my owner

I'm starting to believe
That every part of me was designed for
Some lonely child to love
Whenever their alone
And parent's aren't at home
I can be the one
Who will show them some love

We'll hang out all day long
And sing our favorite songs
But I can't because
Singing's not something I do
I'm some ol' shitty toy
For younger girls and boys
With a string
And 5 action phrases to say
Track Name: i r robit
Someone help me, someone save me
I learned something I should have never known
I’m not human, I’m not breathing
I need someone; someone to show me love

Hey there, madam, can you tell me
am I handsome or will you turn me down?
I’m not really that appealing
but I promise I’ll never fool around

Why are wires inside me?
Why do I have no blood?
I guess it’s how this world made me
built from steel instead of mud
Feelings are not computing
System errors abound
I feel like my life’s misleading
No one wants me around

I’m alone without a lover
I can feel my whole world is crashing down
I’m a burden of a being
Being a robot gives me the biggest frown

Wait a minute...
I less than three my life
I have places to go, people to see
I should be optimistic

I love the wires inside me
Why the hell do I need blood?
I’m happy with how this world made me
Built from steel and lots of love
Humans need companions
Robots need one too
But even if I cannot find one
I’ll be glad that way too

I love the wires inside of me!
Track Name: The Curious Case of Johnny 6
Are you out there?..
You left me
It's so cold in space
And desolate
Why has no one come for me?

I performed all the required tests
I did only as you wished
Now I'm floating out in outerspace
I won't lie
You've made me kind of pissed

So now I'm on a vendetta
Covert mission if you will
My life's purpose is go
And find you
Where my soul intent is search
And kill

I've begun collecting weapons
To assist in my attack
You should not have shunned
And left me
My mind's set
So there's no turning back

Johnny 6? Are you there? Come in, are you there? This is Sector 1. We've just replaced the batteries in the transmitter. We're coming to get you! We didn't mean to leave you behind... you're our best friend!

Oops... Uh....
What are they going to do when they see me with all these weapons? Oh shit.. Oh shit... Uh, okay.. well.. Activate panic sequence!

Incoming Spacecraft

Welcome back Johnny! Hop on board! Next destination; Earth!